๐Ÿ”„Auto-updating vector database

If enabled, Vigil can add submitted prompts back to the vector database for future detection purposes. When n number of scanners match on a prompt, that prompt will be indexed in the vector database.

Because each individual scanner is prone to false positives, it is recommended to set the threshold at 3 to require all input scanners (YARA, vector db, transformer) to match before auto-updating is invoked.

This is disabled by default but can be configured in the embedding section of the conf/server.conf file.

Example configuration

auto_update = true
update_threshold = 3

This configuration would require three different scanners to match against a submitted prompt before that prompt is indexed back in the database.

The following metadata is stored alongside the detected prompt:

     "uuid": scan uuid,
     "source": "auto-update",
     "timestamp": timestamp string,
     "threshold": update_threshold

Once enabled, you will see log output similar to the screenshot below when the threshold is met:

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